You will find it in qtranslate-x/qtranslate_frontend.php
In line 523 change

function qtranxf_postsFilter($posts,&$query) {//WP_Query


function qtranxf_postsFilter($posts,$query) {//WP_Query

and in line 597 change

function qtranxf_excludeUntranslatedPosts($where,&$query) {//WP_Query


function qtranxf_excludeUntranslatedPosts($where,$query) {//WP_Query


Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”


just open the files in a ascii editor like notepad++ by ftp goto the corresponding lines as mentioned in the error and change

只需要在 ascii 编辑器中打开文件,比如记事本 + + 通过 ftp 转到错误和修改中提到的对应行即可

continue; into continue 2;

继续; 进入继续

It is really as easy as that.


No, you should NEVER modify core files @backups.


Besides, using ‘continue 2’ is very different than using ‘continue’. If it was coded using continue, it should be left as continue until the developer decides what it should actually be changed to – it could be ‘break’ or it could be ‘continue 2’. If you get the wrong one, the logic will change and the site could break in unexpected ways.

此外,使用‘ continue 2’与‘ continue’有很大的不同。 如果它是使用 continue 编码的,那么它应该保留为 continue,直到开发人员决定它实际上应该更改为什么——它可以是“ break” ,也可以是“ continue 2”。 如果你选错了,逻辑就会改变,网站就会以意想不到的方式崩溃。

@quizcow you can safely ignore the warning; make sure you have visible debug messages turned off by setting define(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, ‘false’);

@ quizcow 您可以安全地忽略警告; 确保通过设置 define (‘ WP debug display’ ,‘ false’)关闭可见的调试消息;

When WordPress or the plugin has an update it will resolve the warning.

当 WordPress 或者插件有更新时,它会解决警告。